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DIY Job Launch

Prefer to craft your own resume and cover letter? Need tips on interview preparation and networking?

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2-Week Get-A-Job Game Plan!

Launch Your Career!

You get all of this value and insight for only $29.99:

1. Shortened Version of the Get A Job Game Plan

2. Resume Drafting Tips, Tricks, Techniques

3. Action Verbs for Resumes

4. Resume Template

5. Cover Letter Tips, Tricks, Techniques

6. Cover Letter Template

7. Interviewing

8. Handling Improper/Illegal Interview Questions

9. Interview Dress Code

10. Interview Cheat Sheet

11. Thank you Notes

12. References

13. Letter of Recommendation

14. Networking

15. Job Offers

16. Personal Finance

And More!

Huge value - 37 pages of insight! Invest in your career! This offer is so good you can't say no!

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