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High Volume Job Applications

Aim for ~50+ job applications per day - high volume!


  • Excellent strategy for getting more interviews faster

  • You can always decline interviews and job offers

  • You can use competing job offers against each other to negotiate a higher salary

  • You have more power over your employment opportunities and more negotiating power

  • Your parent, spouse, etc… will be happy to see that you’ve applied to a lot of opportunities

  • You’ll feel prouder and more accomplished quickly with high volume applications

  • The job market will quickly tell you what you’re qualified for

  • You’ll develop a skill for quickly finding employment after getting laid off or you can help others struggling to find work quickly too

  • Low risk and low downside other than an hour of your time each day but if you’re looking for a job you likely have a lot of free time on your hands


  • Use the Easy Apply button on LinkedIn job postings

  • Use the Apply Now on Indeed job postings

  • Use 1-Click Apply on Zip Recruiter

  • Don’t customize your resume or cover letter for each job

    • You can spend time customizing your resume / cover letter for jobs that you are very excited about later at anytime - I’d do this for around 3-5 jobs each week

  • Submit a general resume and cover letter for all jobs

    • This is a quantity not quality strategy

  • Apply to any jobs you think are remotely interesting regardless of your experience, skills etc… (job postings are typically drafted toward the ideal candidate and the employer rarely finds someone that checks all of the boxes)

  • Don’t read the full job description - just apply

    • You can always read it later if you’re contacted for an interview

  • Let the resume reviewers tell you no before you count yourself out

  • Don’t track your applications - the hiring manager will contact you

  • Don’t waste time on job applications processed by Workday until you get tired of applying each day because Workday applications are slow and redundant.

    • More on this in subsequent articles from 9 to 5 Grind - I’m not a Workday fan…

  • When asked for routine answers regarding employment law stuff (for example - gender, veteran status, disabilities, immigration status, etc…), just fill in the minimum required fields often designated with a “ * ” so that you don’t waste time and you can keep applying

    • these questions are often optional, and frankly, I think the data is harmful to you and used against you to give employers a reason to exclude your application

  • You don’t have to apply to 50 jobs per day (not a hard and fast rule)

    • The big number is an exaggeration to get the point across that you'll see more success with more job applications instead of just 3-5 applications per day.

  • If a job application asks you to type out information already on your resume (for example, your contact information, work history and years for each job, etc…) leave those optional fields blank since you’re typically going to upload your resume anyways with all of that information

    • Again, this is a quantity strategy - not quality. Save quality applications for a few jobs that you’re really excited about

Try this strategy for a week or two and see if it works. You can always decline/ignore interviews if you’re not interested. Or you can practice your interviewing skills for jobs that you’re mildly interested in (heck… you might even get a job offer : )

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